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Democrats Just Didn't Take Care of Home
May 3, 2017 1:07 PM

Democrats Just Didn't Take Care of Home

May 3, 2017 1:07 PM
May 3, 2017 1:07 PM

Personally, I believe the majority culture will increasingly become hopelessly divided if God's church doesn't step up to the plate. We are seeing the same battles fought on the tipping scale of culture with one side up one day, then down the next. The other side up one day, then down the next. As we call it in politics, the "whip hand." Y'all ever heard of the whip hand? Politicos know what I'm talking about.

The Democrats wielded the whip hand for the past 8 years and now that the Republicans have it, they are wielding it without mercy - just like the Democrats did. It wasn't Russia or any of this other stuff - millions of people who supported and voted for President Obama TWICE were WHITE MIDDLE CLASS. They became disillusioned, disappointed, and were fed up with way-left progressive agendas and issues being crammed down their throat that they could not abide and jumped like rats from a sinking ship (no I am NOT calling white middle class voters rats!).

They were fearful and felt abandoned and Donald Trump was right there to fill the void. It's kind of like when a spouse ignores the needs of the other and then slick Willy or Slick Willie Faye sees that opening and slides right on's what Trump did. He slid right on in.

Learned this long time ago -- when you have a husband or wife or holding an office - you'd better wake up "evva" day, not every day but EVVA day KNOWING that there is somebody out there waiting for the chance to take it away from you.

You take nothing, nada, zip for granted - ever!

On the other hand, while middle class whites and evangelicals were fearful, minorities who had been on the winning end for the past eight years took for granted what had been would always be and that Hillary would be just fine. She wasn't. They gambled and lost. They took for granted the good thing they'd had all those know....kind of like that husband or wife who gets too comfortable.

The husband, wife or officeholder with their antennae up knows this one truth - you'd better ACT like you want what ya got, because over night it could be gone.... and like was.

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