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"True leaders bring out the best, not the worst in those around them. Without trying, they make those around them want to be the best version of themselves. If you want to know how great a leader is, look at how good those around them are." - Dorothy Burton



M.A. Christian Leadership
Dallas Theological Seminary

M.A. Urban Affairs
University of Texas at Arlington

B.A. Journalism/Communications
University of Texas at Arlington


Local governments have become combat zones and those elected to serve often find they have enlisted in wars they didn't sign up for and are ill-equipped to fight.


The demands of 21st-century leadership demand that leaders have a firm grasp of self-awareness, conviction and character to dynamically lead effectively and ethically in diverse cultures; and, timely tools necessary to succeed in the times we're in.


Even though I have advanced academic training in leadership, the best training possible for today's challenging dynamics?  Having been in the lion's den myself, the experience that can only be gained if you, too, have once been fed to the lions.

As founder and leader of a faith-based non-profit, and host of  a weekly podcast, my passion is helping leaders achieve optimum self-development, organizational and team effectiveness and highest level of productivity and performance. Which results in heightened organizational performance and dynamic individual empowerment. Unmatched management and governing body facilitation for retreats, workshops, customized keynote and conference breakout sessions. 

Motivating, encouraging and inspiring, my gift is empowering  local government leaders to fulfill the expectations of their highly-regarded positions with integrity and wisdom.


With over two decades of leading, speaking, teaching, crisis communication, diversity and inclusion, I learned well how not to get eaten or beaten by the lions. My greatest joy and privilege is helping public sector leaders and teams learn the same.

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