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Election Time Shouldn't Be the Only Time to Connect!

Elected leaders, if the only time people hear from you is at election time, don't expect them to hear you when election time rolls around again. You run the needless risk of them giving you what you have given them - no time. They won't have the time nor make the time to hear your campaign speech or read campaign materials.

Stay connected throughout the year with the people who connected you with your seat and when election time rolls around again, you will more easily keep your seat. You will consistently build trust and not be just another politician who befriended them just to get a vote.

Voters are so much more smarter and involved than they once were. They are younger and to these voters, relationships mean a lot. They are not your daddy's voters.


  1. Hire a social media manager to manage your social media. Social media presence today is as essential as breathing! Especially with the younger demographic, who now make up the largest voting population in the country. Post at least twice a week. Let them know what you're doing and how well you are keeping your promises.

  2. Host small enclaves of community meetings. "Town Halls" are so sterile and passe. "Community Meeting" just sounds so much better and more inclusive. This is easier for smaller populations but larger populations can be divided into neighborhoods or census blocks.

  3. Have a position in your office that is the liaison to your community. I cannot stress how important this is. People want to know they matter and if you have a designated staff person in addition to your management and administrative staff, this would be great. Ideally, consider hiring a part-time high school or college student. They are still young enough to be on their parent's or college insurance, energetic, creative and it will give them valuable experience for their resume and if in high school, valuable community credit.

  4. Combine your monthly constituent report with a birthday greeting! Send a birthday month greeting with an update on something great you or your office did that month. Each month, "Help us wish our January Birthday Friends Happy Birthday!" And then commence with your monthly report. This adds such a personal touch and as such, they are likely to read what you have to say. And certainly will remember come election time that you thought enough to send a birthday greeting, even if it were generic. They will remember the gesture. It is a unique one.

  5. Be there. Show up at community events, church services (this is important to do not just at election time - make no big deal or announcement about being there), ball games, special events -- try to make those off the beaten path where elected leaders are not expected to be. If invited to a family reunion - go!

All of the above are designed to make you appear more human, more caring, and more interested in your constituents as people and not merely a vote. And they will be more loyal and more likely to reward you with their vote!


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