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When You're The Real Deal

Genuine leaders have neither the time nor desire to be out there trying to make their name known, but they are out front trying to make a difference.

It's work. Hard work. Some people won't like you. Others will criticize you. Others will tear you down. Others will look at you with suspicion.

But one thing about genuine leaders. None of that bothers them because they have a steely resolve in their heart and mind that nothing or nobody on earth can tear down.

Genuine leaders are honest with themselves and honest with others. They have been through hell and back, spent time on the backside of the desert. Suffered loss and pain, all the while, God is changing and re-arranging, purging and growing them.

Then they are sent on their journey, a mission, a seemingly impossible assignment and no one can understand where their drive comes from. It comes from the deep well of hurt, pain, betrayal, mistakes, lost and blown opportunities and grateful to be given another opportunity for redemption.

A redeemed leader is a genuine leader. They don't suffer lightly fools nor those with no integrity and even less, those who have no character.

Genuine leaders can see what others can't see, hear what others can't hear, loves deeply on one hand but are unmoved by feelings on the other. They don't give in to feelings, but rather, what makes sense.

Genuine leaders are genuine people and whether being pat on the back or stabbed in the back, they are unmoved by either.

Actually, they don't even consider themselves as leaders because they themselves are being guided and the only voice that matters to them is the voice of their Guide. Integrity and character are their north star and all other voices that seek to distract or destroy become background noise.

They practice the Principle of OQP - surrounding themselves with "only quality people" - in their circle, on social media, at work. In their life. Not perfect people. Quality people. Those who will challenge them to be better. Do better. Go for better. Those who want more.

Genuine leaders are genuine people who neither look for nor need the limelight. Their light source is brighter than any limelight because it comes from within. They intuitively understand that someone else's opinion of them doesn't have to become their reality. In fact, it never does.

Be you. Even more - be the genuine you.


Questions to honestly ponder. Questions which genuine leaders consistently take inventory. If you are wise, you will consider the same. Sometimes we simply outgrow others. In fact, genuine leaders often take inventory because they genuinely

never stop growing.

Do people in your circle make you better? Are you the smartest one in your circle? Are you the most successful? Does your circle push you higher or pull you lower? If lower, do you feel obligated to adjust? Fitting into a box you know is too small?

Do you find yourself having to be something you know you're not to stay "in" the circle?

Take a close look at your answers. Is it time to make a genuine change?

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