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Making sense in a world that makes no sense
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Dorothy has keynoted and/or conducted sessions at various conferences throughout the country. Dorothy is a compelling speaker, prolific author, inspirational lecturer, influencer, leadership trainer and facilitator.


Some include:

  • City of Lancaster, Texas

  • North Iowa Global Leadership Summit - Bridging the Summits Leadership Series

  • Zig Ziglar Monday Morning Devotionals

  • The University of North Texas at Dallas

  • Christian Values Summit

  • River of Life Church

  • DFW Case Management Society of America

  • Maine Municipal Association

  • League of Wisconsin Municipalities

  • National League of Cities Women in Municipal Government

  • Texas Association of Counties

  • Texas Association of Black City Councilmembers

  • Iowa League of Cities

  • City of Coppell, Texas

  • The University of Texas at Arlington African-American Alumni Association

  • Leadership Southwest

  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

  • City of Burleson, Texas

  • Texas Municipal League

  • Exceptional Women, Dallas, Texas

  • Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Fellowship

  • The Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership - Dallas Theological Seminary

  • Association for Women in Ministry Professions


Dorothy has been published in professional journals and magazines, including:

  • International City/County Management Association

  • South Dakota Municipalities Magazine

  • Texas Town & City Magazine

  • Maine Townsman Magazine

  • Quality Cities Magazine ( Florida League of Cities)


What Others Are Saying:


"As a professor teaching business ethics, it was hard to keep students awake until I showed a video of Dorothy explaining how ethical lapses happen in real life..  The students could relate, and began to understand how we all are susceptible to that slippery slope.  Her seven steps will be on the exam." 

— Ed Fjordbak, Attorney and Adjunct Professor, UNT-Dallas; Managing Director, Shamrock Asset Management.


"Dorothy, you hit it out of the ballpark with our ESA group! People were raving about your talk and how it hit home with so many people and what they are going through in their own life. So many commented after the meeting how very uplifting your talk was and said it was the best we'd ever had. God has really given you a gift for speaking and I wanted to jump up several times and shout "Amen!" Thank you so very much. Your talk was absolutely wonderful! I would love to hear you speak anytime!"

— Elaine Schneider, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, Theta Pi Chapter


“… Thank you for your great speech in Augusta, Maine at the Municipal Convention. I wanted to tell you again how grateful I am that you gave such a powerful message. It encouraged me in my leadership position.”

— Vern H. Maxfield, Town Manager, Woodstock, Maine


"This had to be one of the most life-changing lectures I've ever heard. I found myself lost in deep thought about the decisions I make in business and my personal life. In life we are able to see and find loopholes of systems in which we can get over on them and not be held accountable for the consequences.


I learned the lesson that there is eventually going to be a day of reckoning for those actions. It was interesting because I found myself participating in some not so flattering things and it made me second guess whether I needed to reevaluate myself and how I handle stuff. This lecture caused me to want to be more responsible and consistent with my actions.  I also want to change my ways because being a business owner and working for a company's management team I want to operate in excellence. "

— Anthony Marnard, Business Owner, Student, UNT-Dallas


“I just read your “Seven Sins of Leadership” speech …great speech!”

— Christine Hibbeler, South Dakota Municipal League


“As a former councilmember, mayor and currently city attorney, I have attended Texas Municipal League meetings for 30 years and your presentation was one of the very best I have heard! I hope I get to hear you at future meetings.”

— B. J. Smith, Former City Attorney, City of Mesquite, Texas


“I was forwarded an article you penned entitled, “Why We Fall” and just wanted to tell you that it has to be one of the best-written articles addressing leadership pitfalls that I have had the privilege to read. Thanks for getting this word out ….”

— Tim Bryan, City of Valley, Alabama