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Seminars, Keynotes, Retreats

All workshops, seminars, retreats and speaking are customized for individual organizational needs and goals. 

The Heart of a Leader - Developing Excellence in Leadership
The Heart of a Leader

A signature presentation.  A revealing and powerful day-long seminar for management teams and individuals. Gets to the heart of how and why we lead and relate to others the way we do. A deep dive into self because as we believe in our heart (mind) we lead and relate to others and the environment around us.  Not DISC. Not Myers-Briggs. So much of the division, friction and fragile relationships in the workplace are due not to the other guy, but ourselves. Mark Twain once remarked, "Every man (and woman) is a moon and has a side which he turns toward nobody; you have to slip around behind it if you want to see it." This seminar helps leaders identify their dark side and blind spots inherent in us all that will and do lead to conflict and strained relationships.  

“Dorothy offered a fresh perspective on leadership styles and types utilizing a modern technique comprised of curriculum that engaged all members of the team.  We were able to confront some difficult situations and have crucial conversations that allowed the team to go to the next level of operational efficiency and leadership success.” 


Opal Mauldin-Jones, ICMA CM

City Manager
City of Lancaster, Texas
President, Texas City Management Association

"Thank you for hosting me and holding a wonderful leadership seminar. I definitely left pondering on a lot of things that were discussed. I am looking forward to becoming a better leader, husband and father." - David B.

Ethics. The Foundation. The Core.
Character Meme

Character is the currency of leadership. Ethics is the foundation and core of character. The depth of our character determines the length and extent of how far and how much we can be trusted. If others can't trust us, they won't follow us.  Based on Dorothy's book, " Why We Fall: The Power of Self-Awareness,"  this is a popular self-revelatory seminar helping attendees discover and avoid becoming their own worst enemy. Self-sabotage, rooted in a lack of self-awareness is the most common yet overlooked culprit in our downfall and the surprising downfall of some of the country's most prominent leaders.  Nothing is easier to lose yet harder to recoup than character.  It also includes a segment on restoring broken character.  Every attendee gets an autographed copy of the book, which comes complete with Study Guide. Our character is our calling card. 

"... you gave a talk to a Rotary club, and I felt your message needed to be heard by my ethics classes at UNT Dallas.  You graciously agreed to speak and a video recording captured your engaging lecture. 


That video has been seen by every ethics class since then, now viewed by over a thousand students.  At the end of the semester, they remember more about your one-hour talk than all of my lectures.  But what’s important is that your message resonated with their hearts and minds.  You helped them see what decisions they make could cause them to fall, then to fail. 


... I cannot figure out how to improve on it. Your engaging style and down-to-earth approach capture them.  No textbook or dry lecture from a professor can match that."

Ed Fjordbak, J.D.
Lecturer in Law and Business
University of North Texas at Dallas

Vision Meme

Life happens. And in the workplace what happens in individual lives is often played out in team dynamics. Every human has a unique purpose and vision and those sometimes are at odds with one another's and worse, when there is no clear organizational vision. Each will work and do according to how they see fit which often leads to conflict while plodding on with little to no cohesiveness. Then it becomes about the individual played out in self-promotion, selfish ambition with each having their own idea, not a shared "big idea" which is the vision. This can be a 5-hour intensive seminar but best in a retreat setting. It will help each understand why vision is essential to success, identify and overcome obstacles, develop the "big idea" and specific plan for achieving it. This is great for new additions to the management team, newly elected local officials and those experienced who have become bogged down and stagnant. If an entity gets this right, it will build cohesiveness and trust, improve dynamics of engagement; and, make working and serving together more enjoyable. Clear vision. Shared vision. Results.

"It was because of the training you provided in Lancaster that inspired me to take a closer look at myself as a leader.  I was determined to get it right and make no mistakes.  Ha!  God had different plans and it would seem that once I was in the #1 spot, I  had more understanding and compassion for other leaders.

Rona Stringfellow
City Manager
City of Wilmer, Texas

Developing a Clear Vision
Other Customizable Seminars, Workshops, Retreats and Speaking Topics Include:
  • Recognizing, Working Through, and Developing Workable Solutions to Toxic Workplace and Community Relationships
  • Creating a Winning Work Culture - Successful Leadership v. Significant Leadership
  • Practicing Self-Control in an Out-of-Control Culture -  Recognizing and Understanding Triggers
  • "They Got Next" - Half-Day Leadership Workshop for the Next Generation of Public Servants and Leaders
  • Principalities, Powers and Politics - The Truth Every Politically Engaged Christian Should Know
  • Leadership and Self-Deception
  • Identifying the Five Types of "Neurotic Organizations" and How to Foster Stability
  • Identifying and Overcoming the Seven Deadly Sins of Leadership

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