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Why We Fall by Dorothy Burton
Why We Fall by Dorothy Burton

Why We Fall: The Power of Self Awareness

Arrogance, greed, pride, infidelity. Many have lost careers, relationships and reputations because of them. From the pulpit to the classroom, from city halls to the halls of Congress - and from corporate America to small town America; there has never been a time in modern history where every aspect of our culture has been so distressed and the resulting emotional, financial, and spiritual carnage so wretched.

From the Foreword by 
Dr. Tony Evans

Why We Fall by Dorothy Burton

Using solid biblical principles so simple even high school students can understand, Dorothy Burton explores the seven principal reasons behind the often-surprising downfall of those esteemed as being honest, disciplined, respectable, intelligent, and committed to God, family, community, and career. "Good" people whom no one would ever suspect would steal from the treasury they have been entrusted to oversee, have a sordid affair, take money under the table, be fired from their job, or use their position of influence to exploit others.

Some problems we bring upon ourselves simply because we don't know ourselves. This book will help you avoid becoming your own worst enemy as you learn how to become more self-aware. 


Written from a biblical frame of reference, nearly every page is filled with wisdom and encouragement as Dorothy Burton helps the reader identify, control and overcome things common to us all, but often missed or carelessly dismissed when we insist upon living our life our way apart from God believing we know best... until we don't. 

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